Bridal Wedding Beauty Timetable

Bridal Wedding Beauty Timetable

June is always one of the most popular months for weddings, but we know that your special day can take place at any time of the year. So whether you’re planning now, or doing it soon, here’s a handy bridal beauty timeline to count down the days until “yes”!

Skin Problem?

Pay attention to your skin care regimen now to see the effects between now and your wedding day.Skin Accumax® is a scientifically advanced nutritional supplement. It acts from the inside out for a clear and flawless skin naturally. It takes up to 14 weeks to see full results, so incorporate it into your skin care early.

Look for makeup looks.

To feel joyful, radiant and beautiful – the bride you were meant to be – take the time to find and plan the makeup that suits you.”Read bridal beauty blogs and visit our Pinterest bridal board for inspiration. Here is a blog that we like to present our Magic Hour collection:

Play in our makeover room.

Now that you have a few looks in mind, upload your photo and try it on in our virtual makeover room, online or on your iPad. Get more inspired by our palettes of beautiful colors and finishes. Save your looks to share them.

Book a makeup consultation.

If you are planning to use a makeup artist, book your consultation early to avoid stress and surprises after. Find a jane iredale store near you and call to find out if they offer wedding services. Here is a blog that we love full of tips for bridal makeup artists and some suggestions for future brides:

Quench your skin.

Smooth Affair Face Primer and Highlighter are much more than a make-up base. The seaweed extract firms the skin and prevents moisture loss. Use it for extra hydration before applying your makeup daily and after washing your face at night.
Be confident.
Relax! If something unexpected happens, we are here for you. Our complete range of concealers and foundations will allow you to maintain your natural and flawless appearance. And your makeup will stay in place from the first look to the last dance.

Get a sunny color.

Too tanned skin looks muddy in the photos. To achieve a healthy and personalized color, start using Tantasia Self-Tanner and Bronzer about a week before the wedding. You should see full results in about three days, and you’ll still have time to adjust before the big day.

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