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Book Review of in the Woods Dark and Deep

Graphic, disturbing and insightful: In the Woods, Dark and Deep is a fun ride through horror and fantasy. West Liberty is a city of secrets, suffering and redemption. It all depends on your point of view. Nothing is forbidden in this collection of related news. A delightful foray into the Morbid and macabre, this book

Honest Book Review of Diamond City

An uplifting portrait of the rumors and secrets of small-town life Arthur Moran, humble police chief of a small New York City in the 1950s, is plunged headlong into Chaos when he is called upon to solve the execute of a young girl from a nearby isolated religious group, the Diamonds. “‘A execute, Art. have

Sunrays Among Shadows Book Review

Darkness combines with hope, romance and fate to weave this beautifully crafted story of resistance and endurance. The sun’s rays under the shadows can be presented as a gloomy fantasy, but the fantastic elements fade to the background of a rich plot based on the realities of life. Of course, there are the obligatory mythical