Sunrays Among Shadows Book Review

Sunrays Among Shadows Book Review

Darkness combines with hope, romance and fate to weave this beautifully crafted story of resistance and endurance.

The sun’s rays under the shadows can be presented as a gloomy fantasy, but the fantastic elements fade to the background of a rich plot based on the realities of life.

Of course, there are the obligatory mythical creatures (fairies, harpies, etc.).), Magic and other worlds, but where the book really shines is in its narrative and its representation of life.

Jasper (also known as Prince Gabriel Atwood of Egaldon, Gimlon) is in the name of his mother, Queen Elenora. His job is to kidnap children from earth and bring them to the queen for their own nefarious purposes, with the assurance that success would lead to their love and acceptance, regardless of the consequences that await him if he fails.

He’s done it countless times over the last decade, but this time things get different once he sees them. As Lily walks in mourning alongside her younger brother Liam (Jasper’s initial target), he sees something in her that resonates. Soon, his travels on earth are more about enjoying the pleasure of his company than seducing her to follow him home to hand him over to his mother.

Together, the two find comfort and solace in each other: Jasper’s desire for acceptance is realized in contact with Lily, giving her the necessary confidence to resist her mother’s orders, while Lily, distraught by the loss of her father and The hope of adventure that died with him, discovers that this hope is reborn with each visit of her father, who

But great love is not without obstacles. Disregard for responsibility and norms leads to consequences that threaten to extinguish the Flame of your love, and, perhaps, your life as a whole.

This brief summary does not summarize the entirety of this great story. The title, sunbeams under the shadows, gives a glimpse of the substance of this book, but it could not capture the true depth of darkness in this shadow. The mature sensitivity with which the author explores harsher themes of mis-word and Manipulation, raising thoughts that exist only in the darkest corners of his mind, deserves a lot of praise. By choosing not to hesitate on this subject, writes H. Dawn Hunter A stimulating story that corresponds to the line of fantastic and grounded.

Despite the allusions to Gimlon in the first half of the book, if the reader follows Jasper there after, the world remains a little murky. Lily is on earth in 1892 as a young girl, which readers can easily adapt to, but there is no reference point for Jasper’s world. What kind of society is this? Its political structure is a Monarchy, but of what kind? How are the people? How do you dress? Are the flora and fauna of this place the same as on earth? What is clear is that there is a common history between earth and Gimlon from the distant past, as evidenced by some of the customs of Gimlon and The history that says it directly, but what is the nature of this history and to what extent these worlds differ is still largely a secret that will probably be revealed in the

Even without a certain sense of Gimlon, the story is easy to tell but captivating. This is a start of a Home Run for a series that I hope to read more and in which I would encourage fans of black fantasy to dive straight in.

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