Tips to Plan a Destination Marriage

Tips to Plan a Destination Marriage

For many people, the idea of a wedding on a sunny beach or in an exciting new location is fascinating. Combine your wedding with a vacation, and you’ll have a built-in honeymoon at your fingertips. Pairing your wedding with a break is easy when you have the team at Wedgewood Weddings to help you plan your wedding. When it comes to everything else, consider these tips to ensure you make everything go to plan.

Let’s explore some ways to combine your wedding with a vacation and the ideal methods for you and your spouse to have a relaxing week or two along with your special day.



These are the main things to consider when booking your wedding. Many people will have saved up a good sum of money, and some even have help from their families when booking their wedding. Do your research ahead of time and scout prices for venues, hotels, and any other excursions. When scouting for a venue, be sure to inquire about all costs, including linens and tables, staff, and officiant prices, so you know the total cost of your wedding upfront.


Your wedding is once in a lifetime. Though you will always have the chance to go on more vacations, your wedding will only happen once. Prioritize this wherever possible and make sure you can make it the fantastic day it should be.

Make your wedding the number one priority, and you should prioritize it in terms of timing too. It may be a good idea to have the wedding right at the start of your vacation, so you are effectively tying it in with the honeymoon we all know you deserve.


This is one of the most straightforward ways to ensure people will join you for your destination wedding. If you are looking to invite people to join you and book a trip that will be relaxing and welcoming, think about somewhere that is realistic. Everyone’s criteria for this will be slightly different, but consider the following:

How many places available to hold a ceremony and reception that you are looking for

Ease of access, both logistically in terms of accommodations and the actual travel
Your most important attendees; if you want a wedding many people can attend, go for a more affordable location or something that guests can enjoy as a vacation as well
Consider the weather if you are going to get married outdoors. If you are likely to get married outside, work with your wedding planner to determine the best time of year to visit and have your wedding

Need a little inspiration? Check out Genesis and Gabe’s destination wedding at Ashely Ridge by Wedgewood Weddings. While the couple lived and planned their wedding from overseas, they chose a spot that would be convenient for both of their out-of-state families.


Transportation can be a big part of your consideration, and if you want to spend a lot of time with other people, you should consider whether you can get the people to your event.

Some couples like to help pay for people’s flights when they organize a destination wedding. If your guests are happy to pay for their flights, you can always lend a helping hand with prearranged rides from the airport to the hotel.


Quality time is one of the biggest things to consider for your wedding, and it is also something you can build into your holiday if you plan ahead. If people are traveling to join you at your wedding, you can set up a room block at your preferred hotel and organize things before and after so you can spend more quality time with them.


What do you need if you are going on vacation? Attractions! When you go on vacation, you want to see the sights in that area. For example, if you are going to Las Vegas, it is a good idea to find a checklist for your first time in Vegas and ensure you see everything you want. In a location like that, there’s so much to do and see, so you want to ensure you fit it all in. The local sights are the highlight of any vacation, so be sure to see what the area offers and visit the locations you want to.


Making an itinerary for each day of your trip will put your mind at ease and make you feel in control during your trip. An itinerary can keep you on track if you have a multiple-day wedding or a trip where you’ll stop in multiple places.

You will also want an itinerary for the day of the wedding. If you are working with a Wedgewood Weddings planner or your own wedding coordinator, they will be a great go-to to plan your timeline and ensure everything stays on track. Even if things run a little late on the day, it is good to have a target in the form of an itinerary.


If you are getting married at a particular place, you could include other aspects of the local sights and culture into your big day. Beach wedding on the California coast? Go all out with a nautical theme. Las Vegas wedding near The Strip? Flash and dazzle with lots of bling, casino games, and playing cards at tables. Want a mountainous retreat in Colorado? Name tables after the famous Rocky Mountain peaks and follow a more natural aesthetic like the forest that will surround you. There’s so much fun to have with your décor, so make it stand out with the destination to inspire you!


Along with the way the wedding looks, you should also include a lot of local flavor on your wedding day if this is something that you are excited about. If you go somewhere renowned for the food and drink, why not make it traditional and include some of these in your ceremony? Ask your venue to add a special cocktail to the bar menu that features a popular fruit from the area. You could even spring for special bottles of local wine.


Once the wedding is over, let the vacation begin! Go straight to your honeymoon by planning family events before your wedding; that way, you and your spouse can spend some alone time together after the nuptials. Cozy up at a nearby Airbnb or rent a car and explore more of the region.

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